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The top rated home security system for 2024

When searching for a home security system, it can be difficult to determine which one offers the best security camera equipment, professional monitoring, and user-friendly control panel. However, with numerous options available, homeowners have the opportunity to choose the system that best fits their needs and provides optimal security for their homes.

A list of 14 home security systems for the year 2024.

When considering a home security system, it’s important to keep in mind that there isn’t a universal solution. Our selection of home security companies, which we didn’t rank in any specific order, offers a range of options suitable for different budgets and household requirements.

Home security systems, such as ADT and Vivint, provide options to keep your home secure and your family safe, regardless of whether you’re at home or away.

Can you provide an explanation of a home security system?

Home security encompasses various measures, including equipment like security cameras, smart locks, doorbells, smoke alarms, and yard signs, all aimed at safeguarding one’s home against theft, intruders, and hazards.

A home security system can consist of various components such as window sensors, motion detectors, panic buttons, and environmental sensors to provide protection for the entire home. By utilizing connected monitoring services, trained professionals can monitor your home and alert emergency services in case of any detected threats.

Modern home security systems provide the convenience of connecting to smart devices and apps to manage your lights, cameras, security system, and other components from a mobile device. Top home security system companies provide guided DIY installations or professional installations to guarantee proper setup for dependable protection.

Home security systems offer a range of options and prices, with varying levels of protection. It’s important to consider specific features like home automation or camera options when comparing companies and pricing. Additionally, some companies offer customizable solutions rather than prebuilt packages.

To ensure effective home security, it is recommended to research various home security companies to find the appropriate solution. Different companies offer a range of security systems, including simple alarm systems and more advanced options that include professional monitoring and smart home automation, to suit your requirements.

1. Vector Security

Vector Security provides advanced security solutions for both homes and businesses, which include smart devices such as motion sensor cameras, home monitoring systems, and other smart security devices. A Vector Security expert will offer personalized recommendations to help you design the most effective security system for your specific needs.

The Vector Security app allows homeowners to manage their home security devices with ease and offers control options for the system.

Vector Security offers three different packages that include a motion detector, window sensors, a wireless control panel, and 24/7 professional monitoring. More advanced plans provide additional devices, such as a thermostat and door lock. To obtain pricing based on your location, simply enter your zip code.

The installation process is hybrid and includes professional guidance over the phone.

2. ADT Home Security

AD Home Security is a notable company in the industry, offering personalized packages to suit each home’s specific needs. All packages include 24/7 monitoring by trained professionals. Homeowners have complete control through AD Command, a wireless touchscreen control panel that allows for alarm arming and disarming and management of smart home devices.

ADT Control is available as a mobile app for Android and Apple devices, allowing you to monitor cameras and control smart home devices remotely. Prebuilt package prices range from $599 to $849, with the option to customize devices based on your preferences and budget.

SafeStreets offers both DIY and professional installation options for their products.

3. Brinks Home Security

Brinks Home Security offers professional monitoring services 24/7 starting at a monthly rate of $29.99. Their whole-home security systems have several devices that can be customized to suit your home, and all of them connect to a central hub for easy control. Examples of these devices include door and window sensors, motion sensors, cameras, and glass break sensors.

Brinks home security systems use cellular connections instead of landlines, allowing for mobile device use in emergencies and connection between the control panel and security center.

Installation: DIY or professional

4. Protect America

Protect America was established in the late 1990s and provided comparable offerings to other major players such as ADT Home Security and Brinks. In July 2022, the company was acquired by Brinks Home Security, leading to the transfer of all of its clients to the Brinks platform.

Brinks Home Security has taken over payment information from Protect America customers to ensure a smooth transition. This allows customers to continue their automatic payments without interruption, while also maintaining professional monitoring through Brinks.

5. Frontpoint

Frontpoint offers DIY home security system options with 24/7 professional monitoring. Customers can choose between prebuilt or custom packages to ensure they have all the necessary monitoring devices to secure their home. Prebuilt Frontpoint security packages start at a price of $99.

Frontpoint offers a variety of security devices including wireless cameras, door and window sensors, wired video doorbells, motion sensors, and hazard sensors for floods, smoke, and carbon monoxide. Additionally, customers receive free identity theft protection through Frontpoint’s ID Protect service to safeguard their personal information on the internet.

Installation: DIY

6. Vivint Home Security

Vivint Home Security offers both home automation and home security features, making it a strong option for 24/7 monitoring. Homeowners can communicate with a Vivint specialist through their home’s Smart Hub using a two-way communication feature.

The Vivint video doorbell is designed with advanced features that detect potential intruders or package theft. It emits an audible alarm and illuminates to deter crime and protect your home.

Vivint offers custom security packages for elderly homeowners that include emergency alert wearables, access codes for family members and healthcare providers, and automated smart home tasks.

The installation process includes a professional guiding you through the necessary steps.

7. Simplisafe

SimpliSafe offers an online quiz for homeowners to identify their home security requirements and select appropriate SimpliSafe solutions. The DIY system is straightforward to install, with a plug-and-play base station and wireless devices that connect efficiently. Technical expertise is not necessary.

One notable aspect of this top-rated home security system is the option to incorporate supplementary sirens throughout your residence. While the primary hub already has a siren that activates in the event of a security breach, additional sirens can be strategically placed in various locations to notify others nearby and deter potential intruders.

Package prices begin at approximately $200, however, there is the option to tailor your package to your specific equipment requirements and budget. Additionally, professional monitoring services are available around the clock.

8. Link Interactive

Link Interactive offers guidance to customers seeking an easy-to-install home security system with highly rated outdoor camera options. The company preprograms equipment and includes step-by-step instructions, allowing homeowners to place each device as needed.

Our home security system offers continuous video recording, home automation capabilities, and a user-friendly app that allows for easy control of security monitors and smart home devices. The system is connected via cellular monitoring, ensuring uninterrupted service even during power outages.

The pricing for monitoring and emergency detectors starts at $30.99 per month for the professional package, with additional features such as home automation and video monitoring available in higher-tier packages.

Installation: Guided DIY

9. Scout Alarm

Scout Alarm provides both pre-built and customizable home security systems that enable homeowners to select their preferred equipment color and components. These components are connected to a central hub, which triggers an alarm to notify homeowners and neighbors of potential threats. The system offers a range of sensors, including motion sensors, cameras, water sensors, and door sensors, to build a comprehensive security system.

Scout Alarm can be integrated with popular smart home devices such as First Alert, Amazon Alexa, Google Nest, and Google Home devices.

The system can be purchased for a fixed price, or alternatively, 24/7 professional monitoring can be added for a monthly fee of $19.99. Self-monitoring is also offered for $9.99 per month, which includes push and email notifications, cellular and battery backup, and access to the Scout Alarm mobile app.

10. Wyze Home Security

Wyze Home Monitoring offers 24/7 monitoring services for security and emergency alerts. The company provides a range of monitoring equipment, including cameras, entry sensors, and environmental detectors for climate and leaks. Professionals will respond to alerts through text or phone calls.

Homeowners without technical experience can easily set up sensors and equipment using adhesive backings and guided instructions. Security kits are available starting at $99, and monitoring services start at $9.99 per month.

11. Cove

Cove addresses a common concern for homeowners: false alarms from their security systems. When there is a potential emergency, Cove sends a text to confirm if it’s a real problem. If there is no response, it tries to contact the homeowner through the touchscreen control panel and then by phone. This process helps to decrease false alarms while remaining efficient and dependable.

Cove offers both indoor and outdoor camera options, along with motion detectors, flood sensors, medical buttons, and additional features. Their professional monitoring plans range from $18 to $30 per month, and the cost of a Cove security system can start at approximately $150, depending on the selected components.

Installation: DIY or Professional

12. Abode Home Security

Abode Home Security offers affordable professional home monitoring with a fully customizable system of cameras, motion sensors, smart home devices, and more. 24/7 monitoring is available for as little as $8.33 per month.

The Abode Home Security’s Iota kit connects to popular smart home systems such as Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and Apple HomeKit. It has a small gateway that includes a two-way audio system and HD streaming camera for monitoring purposes.

13. Xfinity Home Security

Xfinity Home Security offers various plans that start at $10 per month for 24/7 video recording and additional options for professional monitoring. There are no contracts, giving the flexibility to switch between plans at any time.

Xfinity offers free access to their Home Security app for all plans, allowing customers to monitor their devices and stream video whenever they need to. Their financing plans for indoor and outdoor cameras are designed to be affordable, with monthly payments as low as $2.50 per camera.

Installation services are provided by HelloTech, and can be completed either through DIY methods or by hiring a professional.

14. Ring

Ring is known for its user-friendly cameras and popular video doorbell. The company offers top-notch home security camera options, utilizing dependable motion sensor lighting for clear images and intruder prevention.

Ring offers Protect Plans that include professional monitoring for their video devices around the clock. These plans range from $3.99-$20 per month, with discounts for yearly payments. Homeowners have the option to select prebuilt kits or construct their own security systems with alarms, cameras, yard signs, and other devices and accessories.

Tips for selecting an optimal home security system.

Selecting the best home security system for your family involves considering various components. It is important to opt for a company that offers products and services that cater to your specific needs in order to ensure the protection of your home and family.

The size of your property is a crucial factor to consider when deciding on the number and placement of cameras, as well as whether to opt for professional or DIY installation.

For homes located in areas with a high occurrence of car break-ins, it may be beneficial to install outdoor motion sensors and cameras equipped with night vision. Alternatively, for those concerned about home break-ins, it would be advisable to consider door sensors, window sensors, video monitoring, and alarm systems capable of notifying both the homeowner and neighboring residents of any intrusions.

Smart devices such as smart lock systems, video doorbells, and smart lighting can be beneficial for families who are often away from home but still want to manage their devices and check on their homes remotely. Indoor cameras with two-way audio or video can also be useful for individuals who care for children or pets.

When selecting a home security system, it is important to consider your budget. Our list of companies offers various choices for equipment and protection plans that can be adjusted to fit your financial situation. Creating a personalized security kit may be a cost-effective solution for families with limited funds.