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Bold Kitchen Remodels on a Budget

Kitchen remodels can completely change the style of your home. It can also affect your wallet, too. Remodeling’s drastic overhauls come with a drastic price…or do they? With strategic planning and clever design tricks, you can remodel your kitchen on a budget, getting the look you want for a much smaller price!

Kitchen Remodel Styles

Start your remodel with a vision for the overall style you want to achieve. These popular kitchen remodel styles work well even on a tight budget:

Bland to Beautiful

Many older kitchens feature bland cabinets and laminate counters that make the space feel dull. Some simple upgrades can enhance its original beauty while maintaining a modern style.

For example, if you replace cabinet doors with new shaker-style doors, you’ll get a pleasing look that doesn’t clash with the original aesthetic. Since dark or splotchy colors on wood sometimes indicate age, paint the cabinets a light, airy color like cloud white (for bonus points, match the subway tile backsplash in a similar color, like white or light grey!).

Countertops can also wear down over time, so it’s important to make sure they’re sturdy for everyday use. Going with the light theme, replace laminate counters with quartz in a neutral tone. Of course, installing modern hardware, and matching light fixtures, will go a long way to brightening the beautiful space you’ve cultivated.

Classic White Kitchen

The crisp, clean look of an all-white kitchen never goes out of style. This creates a lighter environment and acts as a blank canvas for key accents you may be interested in adding. Ideas for a white kitchen remodel include:


A country kitchen evokes a warm, homey feeling with natural materials and textures—like a room transplanted from grandmother’s cottage in the woods. To get the look on a budget, paint cabinets in a light color (white or light blue), or add new knobs and pull in an antique brass finish. You can also use butcher block countertops and an apron-front sink (AKA “farmhouse sinks) to match the country aesthetic.

If you’re interested in adding decorations, there are plenty of country/old-timey decorations to spruce up your woodwork! Decorate with plaid or gingham curtains, ceramic chickens, and distressed wood cutting boards (possibly with favorite sayings on them). If you’re wondering how to use some open space, consider a vintage cabinet with antique glasses and plates.


Galley kitchens present a decorating challenge with their narrow footprint but can be made highly functional. Ideas include:


Bring the beauty of nature into your kitchen remodel with these budget-friendly ideas:

Small But Stylish

The Best Kitchen Remodel Ideas

There are many examples you can take into consideration when creating ideas for your kitchen remodel. When painting cabinets, walls, and trims in light colors, it helps bring more light into your home. You can change cabinet doors instead of replacing or repainting a cabinet itself. Crown molding along the cabinets can be another alternative, too. Besides cabinets, using marble contact paper to refresh laminate countertops is another good option. Adding any new hardware brings an instant facelift to your kitchen as well. 

When focusing on the kitchen wall, you can add a peel-and-stick tile backsplash as a cheaper alternative to redecorating a wall. You can even install floating shelves for open storage, and it’ll bring more style to your kitchen. You can also change the lighting in your kitchen with hanging lights, sconces, or simple under-cabinet lights.

Other Great Ideas

**Work within the existing footprint to minimize construction costs, and look for reusable or discounted materials at salvage yards and Habitat for Humanity ReStores.

New Backsplash

An eye-catching backsplash can completely transform your kitchen. Affordable backsplash ideas include:


Replacing dated hardware is an easy and affordable way to update your kitchen’s look. Ideas include:

Managing Remodel Costs

Kitchen remodels can be expensive, so it’s essential to carefully manage your budget. Here are some tips to keep costs down:

How Do I Budget My Kitchen Renovation?

Tips for Budgeting Awareness:

DIY vs Contractor

What You Can Do Yourself

With some basic skills, you can DIY parts of your kitchen remodel to save substantially on labor costs. However, electrical or plumbing work should be left to the professionals. Ideas for DIY projects include:

Refresh Rather Than Replace the Cabinets

Common Questions

How much does it cost to remodel a kitchen?

According to HomeAdvisor, the average national cost for a major kitchen remodel is around $26,800, while a minor remodel averages $14,000. Costs vary widely based on the scope of work, finishes selected, and region.

How to save money on a kitchen remodel

Ways to save on your kitchen remodel include: re-using existing cabinet boxes, choosing budget-friendly counters like laminate, installing backsplashes or lighting yourself, buying discounted or second-hand appliances, and limiting changes to one or two elements like cabinet fronts and hardware.

With strategic planning and design decisions, you can execute a beautiful kitchen remodel that’s within your budget. Be sure to focus on major projects like cabinetry, countertops, and backsplash tile while keeping in mind cost-saving tips like choosing affordable materials or doing some work yourself. Get inspired by the ideas presented here, roll up your sleeves, and you’ll end up with a kitchen that looks like a million bucks—without actually paying a million bucks.